Fire Damage Specialists in Cheshire


Fire Damage Specialists in Cheshire

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Fire Damage Specialists in CheshireYou may know that S.A. Platt is a well-known building contractor but you may not know we are fire damage specialists in Cheshire as well. It is because of our long history in the building industry and the broad scope of work we undertake that qualifies us to do the restoration construction after a fire. We erect new builds, refurbish outdated buildings and do extensions. Therefore, we know securing building structure is always key. That is especially true after a fire. Because of our long-standing reputation for excellence, we are an insurance company preferred contractor. Our written damage evaluations and restoration cost analysis are prepared to the insurance agency’s specifications. They know they can count on a quick and accurate response after the Fire Department clears the site.

In Cheshire, fire damage specialists S.A. Platt, uses in house employees for all aspects of restoration. Our own people do the demolition and rebuild of the interior structure and the exterior of the building, including the roof. We then install electric and plumbing, including the fixtures. Rebuilt walls are readied for paint and wallpaper. We do that too, as well as carpet and floor tile. Our clients know the work will move along smoothly because we do not have to coordinate with a dozen other contractors. We do not have to wait a week for the concrete guy to arrive and then hold up work another week waiting for the electrician. The way we work is efficient therefore cost-effective.

As the fire damage specialists in Cheshire, S. A. Platt employs skilled and experienced tradespeople resulting in a professionally completed project. The property owner is our project partner and we respect his or her direction for the work. Some of you may have suffered the loss of a home or commercial building to fire. Seeing the burned-out building is demoralizing. It can be hard to imagine the space will ever be habitable again. It does appear to be an overwhelming task. We recommend you take some time and look at our completed work. With our work ethic and coordinated team of professionals, we can make possible the seemingly impossible. For more information on fire damage specialists, contact S.A. Platt

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