Expert Fire Damage Specialist in Bramhall is Available to Assist


Expert Fire Damage Specialist in Bramhall is Available to Assist

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Fire Damage Specialist in Bramhall You will need the services of an expert fire damage specialist in Bramhall after the fire has been put out. At S A Platt, we have several decades’ experience in dealing with a variety of building and restoration works. Our post fire restoration, smoke clearance, odour removal and decontamination services help to get your life back on track following a devastating fire. Whether it’s a single room in your home, large supermarket, clinic, commercial or public building, a fire can wreak havoc to the interiors and exteriors. In all such cases, the most quickly you begin the restoration work, the lower the risk and losses.

For property owners in Bramhall, fire damage specialist services have to be chosen carefully. Your insurance company would require an estimate of how much the restoration would cost. However, it is important to completely deodorise and de-contaminate the site before the survey is carried out. This helps to protect the health and safety of anyone who enters the space. There are many restoration companies who fail to do this and as a result, foul odours and cancerous substances may linger in the air and on surfaces long after the restoration works are completed. We appoint a surveyor to conduct an inspection and provide a detailed estimate of the time, cost and effort involved in full restoration. It is only when you give us the go-ahead that we will begin work.

Fire Damage Specialist in Bramhall One of the first things a fire damage specialist in Bramhall ensures is that the location is safe to work in. Severely damaged items have to be removed and the place cleared of soot and ash.  Smoke residue has to be completely eliminated because it has a corrosive effect on the room’s contents and fixtures. We have to assess the nature of smoke damage – be it dry or wet smoke, protein smoke, or caused by fuel or oils.  All undamaged fabrics must be dry-cleaned, while other undamaged items must be removed to a place of safety or cleaned and restored. Carpentry, tiling, decoration, plastering, electrical and plumbing works and repairs are the aspects that we specialise in, since ours is essentially a construction company. For further details please contact SA Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 717617
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