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Mould Removal in Congleton – You Can Rely on the Professionals

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Mould Removal in Congleton Don’t compromise with mould removal in Congleton. Continue reading “Mould Removal in Congleton – You Can Rely on the Professionals” »

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The Best Dry Rot Treatment In Wirral

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For The Best Dry Rot Treatment In Wirral, call the experts at S.A.Platt Building Contractors.
There are a wide variety of fungi that can be the cause of dry rot in your home. If the wood in your property is suffering from dry rot then it can make the wood very weak and brittle. This can spread quickly and can cause substantial damage to the rest of your home. If the dry rot occurs in important parts of the structure then it can be very dangerous. If you believe that you may have a problem with dry rot in your home then you should call a dry rot specialist as soon as possible. They will be able to visit your home and assess the situation. Dry rot specialists are very knowledgeable and experienced. They should be able to quickly provide you with a definitive assessment and suggest treatments.

In the Wirral, S.A. Platt’s dry rot treatment  can help you to remove the fungus that causes dry rot. The fungus needs to be removed as it actually eats elements of the wood which causes the weakness. Despite the disease being called dry rot, the root cause of dry rot is actually moisture. The moisture and associated rise in temperature plays an important role in the development of the fungus. The appearance of dry rot is similar to termite or woodworm damage. The wood will be visibly brittle and you may see parts of the woods missing. In addition to this there may be an actual change in the colour of the wood. If you notice any of these warning signs then you should contact a dry rot specialist for advice.

The dry rot treatment from S.A. Platt will be able to remove wood that is suffering from dry rot. They will then replace the wood and treat it with a range of preservatives. They may also choose to utilise fungicide to prevent further incidents.

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Dry Rot Treatment In Stockport

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Dry Rot Treatment in StockportWhen you are hiring a company for dry rot treatment in Stockport, the 3 things you need to worry about are experience, expertise and service quality. Dry rot is basically a breakdown or decay of wooden structures in and around your home. There are certain specific species of fungi that only target those parts of wood that provide it structure and stability. They eat away at these parts and destroy the foundation of the wooden structure that you’ve created. Over time, it can completely eat away at your timber and leave your structure teetering on the verge of collapse. Understanding dry rot is a great way of identifying the problem and knowing when to call in a dry rot treatment expert.

When you have a home in Stockport needing dry rot treatment, there are several ways of going about it. The most common and traditional method used to control dry rot is to ventilate the area and provide a moisture-free environment. This method of controlling the environment to control the growth and spread of the fungi is a slower process and is ideal for early stages of dry rot. When things have gotten out of hand, desperate measures might be required and that means, using chemicals, heat or other competitive organisms to treat the dry rot situation.

A good company for dry rot treatment in Stockport will not just know what treatment process to use, they will also know how best to prevent the dry rot from returning. They will be able to identify the reasons why you have dry rot in the first place and will guide you through the process of eliminating the conditions that may cause it in the future. If you are searching for dry rot treatment options then you need to use these as a guideline for finding out whether or not you have a good service provider for the job. At S. A. Platt Quality Builders, we make sure that you have all the information you need to understand the situation and make the right decision. So if you have a dry rot problem that requires treatment, contact S.A. Platt for assistance.

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