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Flood Damage Specialists in Cheshire Available to Assist You

Posted on: | Flood Damage Properties

Flood Damage Specialists in Cheshire Changes in the weather patterns have led to an increase in the demand for flood damage specialists in Cheshire. Continue reading “Flood Damage Specialists in Cheshire Available to Assist You” »

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Expert Flood Damage Specialists in Wilmslow Available to Assist

Posted on: | Flood Damage Properties

Flood Damage Specialists in WilmslowCall our flood damage specialists in Wilmslow immediately to prevent further destruction to your property. Continue reading “Expert Flood Damage Specialists in Wilmslow Available to Assist” »

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Experts in Flood Damage Properties in Rhyl

Posted on: | Flood Damage Properties

Flood Damage Properties in RhylIt is likely you’re going to need the services of a professional who specialises in flood damage properties in Rhyl if your basement was recently flooded. Continue reading “Experts in Flood Damage Properties in Rhyl” »

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Flood Damage Properties in Llandudno

Posted on: | Flood Damage Properties

Flood Damage Properties in Llandudno You may be searching for a company that specialises in flood damage properties in Llandudno if your home has recently suffered extensive flood damage. Continue reading “Flood Damage Properties in Llandudno” »

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Flood Damaged Properties In Liverpool

Posted on: | Flood Damage Properties, Flood Properties, Flood Damaged


It’s a problem that can and does occur. Flood Damaged Properties In Liverpool are prone to flash floods which can cause serious damage to rooms within a property. Damage can vary but the need to find an affective way of ‘drying’ the property efficiently so long-term damage is kept to a minimum is essential. S.A Platt Quality Builders Ltd are recognised as insurance work specialists, brought in to deal with flood damage properties.

S.A. Platt have worked extensively in the city of Liverpool and the neighbouring suburbs on flood damaged properties on behalf of numerous insurance companies. Well-respected, they are experienced in all sorts of building claims that include flood damage. Employing an experienced team of surveyors, the customers’ claim will be assessed, with an estimate prepared and the claim managed from inception to conclusion.

Using their ‘state of the art’ Drymatic machine that has been successfully trialed and tested, utilised for all types of flood damaged properties in Liverpool and throughout the North West. Able to take the moisture laden air from the affected room(s) the machine is able to draw fresh and pre-heated air from an unaffected area into the room to aid the drying process.

For more information about S.A. Platt’s Insurance Repair Division, call now on 01782 717 617.



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Flood Damage Properties In Manchester

Posted on: | Flood Damage Properties


Flood-Damage-Properties-In-ManchesterS.A. Platt Building Limited are specialists in Flood Damage Properties in Manchester, providing a comprehensive insurance repair service that deals with your flood damage quickly and effectively. Highly experienced, their Insurance Repair Division deal with a cross-section of building projects, focusing on providing a service that meets your requirements and surpasses them.

In Manchester, many properties are susceptible to flood damage, causing serious damage and heartache along the way. At S.A. Platt, you get the assurances you are dealing with a reputable building company who are registered with all the main insurance companies. Upon calling your insurer to notify them of your flood damage, S.A. Platt will continue the process by speaking to your insurer to gain approval to carry out the necessary work.

For flood damage properties in Manchester, S.A. Platt use a state of the art ‘Drymatic’ machine that tackles floods in properties, extracting moisture from the property by using controlled heat and air exchange. Cost effective, its success rate over conventional drying processes is plain to see, and one reason why S.A. Platt are regularly recommended as the insurer’s choice to carry out the essential drying out process.

Call now and speak to a dedicated member of the team at S.A. Platt on 01782 717 617 or alternatively email [email protected]

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Flood Restoration Service In Altrincham

Posted on: | Flood Damage Properties, Flood Restoration

Flood-Restoration-Service-In-AltrinchamS.A. Platt Quality Builders Limited provide a Flood Restoration Service In Altrincham that uses a ‘state of the art’ drying machine for flood damaged properties. The thermal drying system-DBK Drymatic-provides a maximum drying affect to rooms affected by floods, by continually evaluating the humidity and temperature of the room for a cost-effective and succesful process.

From Altrincham to Alderley Edge, S.A. Platt operate their flood restoration service to great effect, providing a tailored solution to householders and businesses that have been affected by varying degrees of flood damage. Highly thought after, S.A. Platt have demonstrated time and again why they are recommended on a constant basis for their comprehensive service.

As insurance work specialists-they deal with all the main insurance companies-their flood restoration service in Altrincham provide you with the peace of mind your flood problem will be dealt with promptly and efficiently. Their proven thermal drying system takes the moisture laden air from the room by acting as am ‘exhaust’ to expunge the air while drawing in fresh and pre-heated air in via the Drymatic.

Call the qualified experts at family run S.A. Platt Quality Builders Ltd on 01782 717 617 for a free consultation and Quotation.



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Drying Flooded Properties In Altrincham

Posted on: | Flood Damage Properties, Drying Flooded Properties


When you need an urgent solution for Drying Flooded Properties In Altrincham, its good to know there is a specialist team at S.A. Platt Quality Builders who have the necessary experience to deal with the disaster that comes about when your property floods. Proven, they are professional in manner and effective in delivering the right service.

In Altrincham and throughout Cheshire, Drying flooded properties effectively and swiftly is imperative in order to lessen the devastation that is caused. Similarly having the property fully investigated for flood damage must be carried out by a registered insurance work repair specialist like S.A. Platt, whose Insurance Repair Division provide a prompt and efficient service that understands the need to act swiftly and effectively to address the situation.

The team at S.A.Platt will oversee the process of drying flooded properties in Altrincham while also liaising with the customer’s insurance company on your behalf. Using a state of the art drying machineDrymatic by DBK-which continually evaluates the temperature and humidity of the flooded room(s), the Drymatic operates in a mode that provides maximum drying effect; essentially a ‘thermal drying system’, which is faster, effective and more reliable than conventional drying processes.

For more information, contact S.A. Platt now on 01782 717 617 and let the experts sort out your flooded problems!

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Flood Damage in Alderley Edge

Posted on: | Flood Damage Properties

Flood Damage in Alderly EdgeHave you suffered from Flood Damage in Alderley Edge? Continue reading “Flood Damage in Alderley Edge” »

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