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Need a Builder in Congleton

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Need a Builder in CongletonYou will need a builder in Congleton if your in-law addition must be complete by Autumn.  Continue reading “Need a Builder in Congleton” »

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The Right Builder In Northwich

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The search for the right builder in Northwich that understands your needs ends with with S.A. Platt. We believe in family values and strive to offer expert craftsmanship at affordable prices. For over 20 years, we have been providing the local areas of Cheshire and Staffordshire with reliable, top-quality workmanship. We will tailor our services to match your needs and wishes. Whether you are planning a new conservatory, new plumbing for the guest bathroom or just need a bit of a touch-up on your roof tiles or wall plastering, we are the right people for the job. We have dedicated craftsmen in all areas of specialisation, from roofing, tiling, plumbing and heating, plastering and screeding, painting and decorating to extensions, loft conversions, internal and external refurbishment, disability adaptations and new builds. Continue reading “The Right Builder In Northwich” »

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Need A Builder In Crewe

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At S.A. Platt, we are honoured to be serving a second generation of clients that need a builder in Crewe. We have been in business for over twenty years so we have begun to receive calls from clients who remember when we put a roof on their family home or added that extra bedroom so they could have a room to themselves during their teen years. As with their parents, the first homes they buy usually need some repairs or updating. It’s great to see them investing in their future with home ownership and again with home improvements. Maybe one day soon we will be receiving a call to add another bedroom to their home as the next generation begins to arrive. Continue reading “Need A Builder In Crewe” »

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Local Builders in Sandbach

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S.A. Platt are local builders in Sandbach that make a difference. We have been in the industry for over 20 years. Over this time, we have built a local and nationwide reputation for genuine, quality service based on family values. This reputation has allowed us to evolve into one of the North West’s leading building companies, but we still maintain our tradition of excellent craftsmanship and family values. No job is too big or too small for us, as we offer services in all building specialization areas.


Whether you need plumbing work, a loft conversion, refurbishment or a whole new build in Sandbach, local builders from S.A. Platt will get the job done to exacting standards. We have departments in all areas, including new builds, extensions, alterations, loft conversions, conservatories, disability adaptations, internal and external refurbishment, roofing, plumbing and heating, plastering and screeding, wall and floor tiling, painting and decorating. There is no need to subcontract additional work when we can handle it all. All our tradesmen and crafters are fully qualified professionals who work with a smile.

As local builders in Sandbach, we understand the needs of homeowners as well as  large corporations. Our client base includes family homes and major companies alike. As such, we can tailor a solution that suits your individual needs. Contact S.A. Platt for local builders who deliver on service and quality. We take care of your entire building or renovation project from start to finish to ensure a smooth, easy and efficient experience. We  also offer consultations and design advice to find the perfect combination of materials, style and effects to achieve your ideal outcome.  For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on:

Tel: 01782 717617

Fax: 01782 717618

Email: [email protected]


Ring S.A. Platt on 01782 717617 for local builders in Sandbach.

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Looking For A Local Builder in Winsford

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When you’re looking for a local builder in Winsford, the first name that most people think of is S.A. Platt. With more than two decades of success in the business, this family-owned and run company offers a variety of top-quality services. New builds, extensions, alterations, loft conversions, conservatory construction, and indoor and outdoor refurbishing are just a part of their comprehensive suite of services. However, for most people, finding the right builder can be difficult when it’s the first time they’re embarking on a new project. Often, people who have moved recently into the locality may be unfamiliar with local businesses. Or, people may have had a bad experience with a previous builder. In all such cases, it’s important to know how to select the right builder. Continue reading “Looking For A Local Builder in Winsford” »

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Looking for a House Builder in Altrincham

Posted on: | Builder, House Builder

Looking for a House Builder in AltrinchamYou’ll have to spend a bit of time and effort in looking for a house builder in Altrincham when you’re planning to construct your dream home. Continue reading “Looking for a House Builder in Altrincham” »

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