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Flood Damaged Properties In Liverpool

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It’s a problem that can and does occur.¬†Flood Damaged Properties In Liverpool¬†are prone to flash floods which can cause serious damage to rooms within a property. Damage can vary but the need to find an affective way of ‘drying’ the property efficiently so long-term damage is kept to a minimum is essential. S.A Platt Quality Builders Ltd are recognised as insurance work specialists, brought in to deal with flood damage properties.

S.A. Platt have worked extensively in the city of Liverpool and the neighbouring suburbs on flood damaged properties on behalf of numerous insurance companies. Well-respected, they are experienced in all sorts of building claims that include flood damage. Employing an experienced team of surveyors, the customers’ claim will be assessed, with an estimate prepared and the claim managed from inception to conclusion.

Using their ‘state of the art’ Drymatic machine that has been successfully trialed and tested, utilised for all types of flood damaged properties in Liverpool and throughout the North West. Able to take the moisture laden air from the affected room(s) the machine is able to draw fresh and pre-heated air from an unaffected area into the room to aid the drying process.

For more information about S.A. Platt’s Insurance Repair Division, call now on 01782 717 617.



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