Expert Flood Damage Specialist in Chester Ensures Your Building is Safe


Expert Flood Damage Specialist in Chester Ensures Your Building is Safe

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Flood Damage Specialist in ChesterOur expert flood damage specialist in Chester can ensure the health and safety of your building’s occupants. S A Platt is a leading name in the construction sector. We offer a comprehensive range of services including new builds, repairs, refurbishments, extensions, painting and decoration works, kitchen and bath installations, drying and restoration, OFTEC and insurance work and disability adaptations. You can get in touch with us for Gas Safe installations as well. As the leading building company in the region, we offer top quality craftsmanship. Our technicians are experienced, qualified and insured, and also carry all the necessary licenses.

For building owners in Chester, floors damage specialists on our team can handle a diverse range of issues. Most of these problems arise out of poor installation,  maintenance errors or weather events. You may find problems such as cracks, buckling, warping, burns, flood/water damage, wear and tear damage, squeaky or creaky flooring and many other such issues. We can also fix problems that are due to application errors. Here, wall tiles, ceramic or terracotta tiles have been used to cover floors in high traffic areas, leading to damage. This results in cuts and cracks that pose the risk of trip and fall accidents. Building owners can be held liable in such cases. In the case of wooden flooring, it may not have been well secured, or it could have suffered rot. Lack of maintenance and failure to fix leaks, dampness and water seepage can ruin wooden floors.

a flood damage specialist in ChesterOur flood damage specialist in Chester can also fix relatively minor problems such as stains and scratches. Stains are caused by spills, grime, grease or dirt that hasn’t been cleaned immediately. They may penetrate into the tile or wood if they’re not removed properly. We use modern methods and products for the best results. Contact  S A Platt if you’re looking for a floor damage specialist. Though squeaky and creaky floors are not usually a safety hazard, they are annoying. This could happen when the flooring or sub-floor is not tightly secured. Water damage is more serious and unless it is promptly repaired, the building could suffer structural damage. For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 717617
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