Water Damage Restoration in Stockport


Water Damage Restoration in Stockport

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Water Damage Restoration in StockportWater damage restoration in Stockport will be required if your home has been flooded. Once water has invaded a home there is an urgent need to get the water out and the home restored to its former state. This may entail fixing pipes and stopping the ingress of water into the home. The restoration of a home largely depends on the type of water that is in the home and the length of time it has been there. The carpets will often have to be removed and the concrete will need to be dried out before flooring can be refitted.

There are many causes of flooding in your home, the weather, a burst pipe or a stream overflowing its banks. In Stockport, water damage restoration is an important part of our services. After a house has been damaged by water the insurance company is usually contacted and will send an assessor. The damage is normally valued and a contractor engaged to restore the home. We work very closely with insurance companies as well as local councils. We have an experienced team of surveyors who can access the claim, prepare an estimate and manage the claim to suit different insurance company requirements. Our computer system will keep track of information on claims at all times.

Water Damage Restoration in StockportWe are top quality builders that will see to your water damage restoration in Stockport. Why not contact S.A. Platt today and let us give you a free no obligation quotation for the work on your building? We are a family run business that has over 20 years of experience in the industry. We offer a wide range of services from new build to alterations or loft conversions, roofing work, plumbing and heating and plastering. We have highly qualified craftsmen who are very experienced. We can adapt your home for elderly or disabled family members making it easier for them to move around the home and remain as independent as possible. For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 717617
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