Professional Mould Remediation in Deeside – the Ideal Solution


Professional Mould Remediation in Deeside – the Ideal Solution

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Mould Remediation in Deeside Mould remediation in Deeside is a sensible solution if your building has mould growth that is out of control. Mould often becomes a problem after a building has been flooded. The result of the flood is the right conditions for mould to grow. Another cause of mould growth is if the building is susceptible to damp problems. Either case provides the ideal conditions for mould spores to grow. Once the spores begin to grow, they do so rapidly. You can visually identify any mould growth as well as smell it. Mould can cause respiratory issues in people, particularly seniors and young children. It can also cause strong reactions in those who suffer from allergies.

The best solution is the complete removal of the mould. Thus, in Deeside, mould remediation is one of our expert services. As a building company with many years of experience regarding all types of building services, you can rely on our experts for effective mould remediation. We can schedule a site visit to determine the extent of the mould growth. This can guide our experts in choosing the best solution. Firstly, the cause of the damp must be identified. Once this is sourced and repaired, we’ll remove all traces of the mould growth. The majority of mould growth issues stem from a damp problem within the building. Our team can source any damp issues in your home and propose the best solution to repair the damp problem. Thereafter, our experts can remove the mould entirely, ensuring that the mould growth ill not reoccur.

Mould Remediation in Deeside Mould remediation in Deeside is available by our expert team. As a professional company with many years of experience, we can effectively remove the mould problem from your home. In addition, we offer a broad range of other building services. These include new builds, renovations, flood and fire damage restoration, adaptations and more. Each member of our team is directly employed by our company. Furthermore, each has the training and experience necessary for first class workmanship. Our team can provide expert assistance with any mould problem in your building. For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 717617
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