Mould Removal in Biddulph, Thorough, Professional and Efficient


Mould Removal in Biddulph, Thorough, Professional and Efficient

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Mould Removal in BiddulphMould removal in Biddulph is a necessary project if your home has signs of mould growth. It is a type of fungi that thrives in damp conditions. While it is not particularly dangerous, it is unsightly. In addition, it spreads quickly. Mould can cause allergic reactions in people loving in the building, especially those who are prone to respiratory conditions. As mould grows in damp conditions, it is likely that your home has an excess moisture issue. Mould will not cause structural damage. However, the cause of the mould growth – the damp – can. As such, it is essential to have any mould problem in your home seen to, and expertly removed. Our team of professionals are available to assist.

We’re a trusted building company with many years of experience. As such, in Biddulph, mould removal is one of our expert services. If you suspect you have a mould problem in your home, give us a ring. You may notice strange, musty odours, or peeling wallpaper, or green or black spots growing in the corners of a wall. These are signs that you may have a mould growth problem in your home. Our experts will pay you a visit at your home to determine the cause of the problem. We’ll complete a thorough survey and decide on the best removal process. However, we will first locate the source of the damp problem. Our experts will repair it prior to removing the mould.

Mould Removal in BiddulphMould removal in Biddulph involves numerous steps. The first is an inspection to locate the source of the damp issue. Thereafter, this is repaired and the mould remediation can begin. Each member of our team has the experience necessary to ensure the correct damp problem repairs and mould removal. On top of that, you’ll also find that our prices are highly competitive. Speak to us about a quote for the mould removal from your home. Our services are second to none, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 717617
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