Mould Remediation in Crewe – to Restore a Healthy Environment


Mould Remediation in Crewe – to Restore a Healthy Environment

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Mould Remediation in CreweMould remediation in Crewe to restore a healthy environment is best carried out by professionals. At S.A. Platt, we know that  mould remediation requires a set of skills, not just one. We are craftsmen construction professionals covering all trades and operating under one company banner. During our 30 years in business, we’ve built an enviable reputation. As builders, we carry out the whole project, large or small, using our own skilful staff. Mould remediation is a restoration service that falls under our banner as well known builders. Sometimes, the only thing to be done is to remove affected walls and or timbers and replace them. As skilled builders, we can do whatever is necessary.

However, before we start rebuilding, we have to find the source of the moisture that is causing the mould. In Crewe, mould remediation is carried out methodically. We first look for the plumbing leak, the roof leak, rising damp, foundation leaks or any other sources of moisture in your home. It has to be eliminated completely. No amount of scrubbing and bleaching or overpainting is going to stop the spread of mould. As long as there is damp, mould will grow. Some types of black mould are serious health hazards but many people are sensitive to mould and experience respiratory discomfort if it’s in the house. Once the cause is found and eliminated we rebuild whatever was damaged.

Mould Remediation in CreweMould remediation in Crewe is almost always necessary if flooding has created a disaster. It could be from heavy rains, big snow melts or rising creeks and rivers. Your restoration needs may be significant. If so, contact S.A. Platt and we’ll provide a quote for you. We work closely with most insurance companies so if you choose, we can work directly with your insurance company and eliminate one task for you. A flooding disaster is physically and emotionally draining on most homeowners. It can feel overwhelming. You can count on us to carry out the full remediation and restoration so your family can go back home again. Think of us as well for new builds, refurbishment, home extensions and all your building needs, large or small. . For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 717617
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