Flood Damage Specialists in Congleton, Efficient, Professional and Affordable


Flood Damage Specialists in Congleton, Efficient, Professional and Affordable

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Flood Damage Specialists in CongletonFlood damage specialists in Congleton know it doesn’t take a natural disaster to cause a flood. Flood damage to your home can be caused by cracks in your foundation, broken pipes, drainage pipe back up, clogged gutters and improperly maintained appliances. You may not notice the cause until the damage has been done. Whatever section of your house has been affected must be properly dried and restored. That is the only way to prevent the growth of mould and insure structural soundness. A dishwasher leak can cause damage if the moisture goes unnoticed. It could be leaking for a year into an unused area of your basement. The saturated timbers need replacing to prevent structural weakness.

Weather caused flooding is truly disastrous for any family. In Congleton, flood damage specialists will tell you that floodwaters are a health risk. Floodwaters carry bacteria so everything the water touches has to be replaced. It could take up to a month including drying time and restoration for large projects before we have the home safe for occupancy. While that is an inconvenience, we will restore your home to health and beauty using high quality materials and experienced craftsmanship. Our building company is the best in the area and we are a preferred contractor of many insurance companies. All work is done by our own in house craftsmen and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Flood Damage Specialists in CongletonAs flood damage specialists in Congleton, we can advise you when purchasing another home. Call us in if you spot signs of past flooding, usually visible in the basement. It’s possible restoration was completed and the house is safe but why guess? We can assess the situation and put our findings and recommendations in writing for you. Contact the best building company, S.A. Platt for flood damage remediation and restoration. Our company has been in business for over 20 years and enjoys a reputation for fine craftsmanship. Our technicians are highly accredited and your drying and restoration service is tailored specifically to your home’s existing condition. The damage from small isolated flooding needs attention so never think a project is too small. For us, there is nothing too small. For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 17617
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