Safeguard Your Health with Professional Mould Removal in Biddulph


Safeguard Your Health with Professional Mould Removal in Biddulph

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Mould Removal in BiddulphSafeguard your health with timely mould removal in Biddulph. It is important to identify, locate and remove mould in your building and outside it immediately. Our team of specialists has the necessary training, expertise and experience to address this problem. Every project we undertake, no matter how big or small, is completed to perfection. We can tackle the problem of mould in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. With more than three decades’ experience in the construction industry, we offer a diverse range of services.

Mould is one of the primary reasons for respiratory problems in adults and children. In Biddulph, mould removal is vital for your health. You and your family may suffer from a host of allergies, infections and asthma due to the presence of mould. Some studies reveal that long term exposure to mould can also compromise the human immune system. Senior citizens, infants, those with existing skin problems or respiratory problems, and people undergoing chemotherapy are especially at risk. Cancer survivors with a weak immune system may also be at risk. Mould and other fungi produce irritant and toxic substances that release into the air. Inhaling or coming into contact with them causes different reactions. You may experience a runny nose, itching, red eyes or rashes.

Mould Removal in BiddulphldMould removal in Biddulph begins with fixing the source of dampness. Once this is done, our team ensures that the area is thoroughly dried out. We use state of the art equipment and driers for speed drying. Our company uses the latest techniques for complete decontamination and prevention of future growth. You may need odour removal as well. The main reason for the growth of mould is dampness. As a building expert, we know that prolonged seepage of moisture into the walls, ceiling or basement of buildings is ideal breeding ground for moulds. Leaking pipes, damage to roofs, moisture from rising damp are some of the other reasons for dampness. Our experts get to the root of the problem. We undertake a thorough survey to locate the source of dampness. Our remediation specialists can advise you on whether it’s safe to stay on the property.  For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 717617
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