Need Mold Remediation in Liverpool?


Need Mold Remediation in Liverpool?

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Mold Remediation in LiverpoolMold remediation in Liverpool is necessary if you have detected the presence of mold in your home. Mold causes significant property damage, including having a detrimental effect on health.  Mold produces microscopic spores which become airborne and act as irritants and allergens to the immune system. Typically, mold prefers to exist in areas of the home that is damp and has some moisture. Places like AC/heating systems, between clothing, on pets, in window or door cracks and behind the washing machine are all preferred places for mold. How would you know if mold exists in your home? Let your nose be your guide. Mold produces a musty and strong odor which can lead you to its presence. When indoor humidity is even slightly above normal, mold will grow. The best way to address the presence of mold is through mold remediation.

In Liverpool, mold remediation is offered by S. A. Platt. They recognise that every mold scenario requires a tailor made solution. Typically, the process starts with a phone call and conversation with one of S. A. Platt’s team members. At this stage, the staff member will discuss your concern and answer all of your questions. Next is the inspection and damage assessment phase. S. A. Platt’s professional team will conduct a careful inspection of your property for obvious signs of mold. Mold likes to feed on water and cellulose and may hide from view, which is why the team will use certain tools to detect its presence. This is followed by mold containment. There are many ways to do this. Negative air chambers may be used to isolate contaminated areas. These are physical barriers that rely on negative air pressure to inhibit mold from spreading during cleanup. Air filtration is the next step which captures microscopic mold spores that have become air borne. HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers are used to do this. Lastly, mold infested items are removed and belongings are cleaned.

Mold remediation in Liverpool is best left to the experts.  S. A. Platt are the leading experts when it comes to mold remediation. If you require mold remediation, then contact S. A. Platt today.

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