Mould Removal in Wigan, Expertly Completed by an Expert Team


Mould Removal in Wigan, Expertly Completed by an Expert Team

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Mould Removal in WiganYou may be in the unenviable position of needing mould removal in Wigan. Who do you call? So often people try to find a magic solution that they can use themselves to eradicate the mould. Sometimes it even works temporarily and superficially. Unless you plan to make daily rounds with a spray bottle filled with bleach water, you should call S. A. Platt. We are the best builders. This means we have a large arsenal of skills. The first thing we’ll tell you is that you must eliminate the source of the dampness before you can eliminate the mould. Since we are builders, we understand the many ways water finds its way into your home. We also know how to stop it, replace damaged structure and kill mould.

If you’ve experienced serious flooding in your home caused by a natural disaster or a drainage back up, then the source is no mystery. In such instances in Wigan, mould removal can begin after clean up. At S.A. Platt, we will evaluate any structural damage caused by flooding and undertake the repair or replacement. After the drying out is complete and we have removed any residual mould refurbishment can begin. Our company includes tradesmen and tradeswomen with every skill needed to refurbish every area of the building. That may include replacement of timbers, drywall, flooring, and decoration such as paint and wallpaper. We are up to the task and can work directly with most insurance companies.

Mould Removal in WiganIt doesn’t take a large flood to generate the need for mould removal in Wigan. The source may be as simple as a leaky water pipe in a bathroom wall or a crack in the foundation. Regardless of the scope or source, mould is damaging to buildings and to human health. Some people experience extreme respiratory illness when exposed to mould. Some forms can cause long lasting health damage and even death. There is a right way to manage mould and the dampness that sustains it’s growth. Contact S.A. Platt for mould removal. It’s a job for professionals. We are well equipped with the experience, knowledge and skilled workers to restore a safe environment in your home or building. For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 717617
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