Mould Remediation in Whitchurch – a Specialised Service by an Expert Team


Mould Remediation in Whitchurch – a Specialised Service by an Expert Team

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Mould Remediation in Whitchurch Mould remediation in Whitchurch is a specialised service we offer at S.A. Platt Builders. A structural knowledge is important in mould remediation because often, it’s difficult to locate the origin. Once found, it may take building and structural skills to make the necessary repairs to eradicate it. Since mould grows in damp, it’s possible that timbers are damaged and need to be replaced. The dampness may come from the foundation into the walls of a house or through a leaking roof. Flooding, anywhere in the home, can lead to mould growth and so can leaking water pipes within the wall. We can stop the leaks, dampness and flooding and clean all the surface mould away. However, the mould will not completely be gone without remediation steps to ensure it can no longer survive in your home.

The growth of mould, especially around infrequently used areas like the basement or attic, may not be seen. In Whitchurch, mould remediation steps may not seem necessary when the only indication is the odour. Many think that the usual basement smell is normal. They may not see the actual mould growing but it’s there. If visitors or family members are allergic to mould, they may be miserable with headaches, congestion and breathing difficulties. It is particularly dangerous for children and the elderly. The mould is toxic; sometimes dangerously so. Therefore, we undertake the removal of mould and then take the necessary additional steps to ensure there will be no new growth.

Mould Remediation in Whitchurch The steps we take for mould remediation in Whitchurch begin with removal, cleaning and disinfecting of mould contaminated areas. We then prevent new growth by stopping the dampness mould needs for growth. That is done by making the repairs to all areas of your home that is allowing the dampness in. Serious flooding may mean replacement of timbers, wallboard, plumbing pipes and gutters. Contact S.A. Platt if you suspect a mould problem. Basements don’t just smell; something causes it and that is usually mould. Eventually, you’ll see black mould growth across walls, skirt boards and even ceilings. You may even see it on the outside of your home and there, the odour will be strong. Don’t wait because your health may be compromised. For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 717617
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