Mould Remediation in Shevington


Mould Remediation in Shevington

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Mould Remediation in ShevingtonAsk a professional about mould remediation in Shevington if you have a mould problem in your home or office building. At S.A. Platt, we have a team of specialists who can efficiently combat any mould issue. In fact, we have a wide range of specialist divisions, from roofers, painters, plasterers, plumbers and builders. This makes us the all-in-one solution to your mould problem. Our mould experts will survey the damage and offer a competitive quotation. We will then remove the mould infestation. This involves peeling away any affected wallpaper, wall paint and plastering, scrubbing down affected surfaces and extracting fungal spores from soft furnishings. Our building team can repair or replace any structural components or furniture in your home if it has been compromised by the mould infestation. We can also install a ventilation system to remove airborne spores and reduce the moisture in the air.

For buildings in Shevington, mould remediation should combat the source of moisture that has created the mould problem. Mould grows in dark and damp areas, and is popular in areas where there is rising damp, water leakages or frequent steam or water being used. Kitchens and bathrooms are particularly susceptible to mould growth. If there is excessive moisture in your home, our builders can also address this issue to prevent future mould growth and other risks. To remove the existing presence of mould we use advanced cleaning products and chemicals. We then address the source of the moisture by making the necessary repairs or replacements to your building or environment. This varies with each case – sometimes the mould is noticed early and can easily be removed, while other times it has spread deeper and into furnishings and supporting structures. A mould presence does not only threaten the integrity of your home though. As well as looking and smelling unpleasant, mould spores can cause harmful reactions in humans and pets.

Mould Remediation in ShevingtonIf you notice a musty smell or dark patches on your walls and surfaces, you should start thinking about mould remediation in Shevington. It is always best to nip a mould problem in the bud before it can do any lasting damage. Contact S.A. Platt for mould remediation services. Our prices are affordable, our service is friendly and our expertise is unbeatable. For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 717617
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