A Professional Team Provides Effective Mould Remediation in Wrexham


A Professional Team Provides Effective Mould Remediation in Wrexham

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Mould Remediation in WrexhamMould remediation in Wrexham is best done by professionals. A mould problem is typically deeper than what is visible. As such, it will always return if not handled properly. Simply scraping the mould off the walls and repainting or replacing the wallpaper will not be sufficient. In addition, a biocide may kill off the current mould but it won’t prevent future growth. And, it may cause harmful reactions in humans and pets. A professional will tell you that the only way to effectively remove mould is to remove the source of moisture. Mould grows in moist, porous surfaces.

To ensure an effective result, a professional is recommended for large or frequent mould problems. In Wrexham, mould remediation is the best guarantee for effective mould eradication. As such, we are experienced and qualified in handling all manner of mould problems. Furthermore, we’ll tailor a solution to best suit your individual needs. The purpose of mould remediation is two-fold; mould should be eradicated and the possibility for new growth removed. We use advanced cleaning products that will remove all traces of mould and fungal spores from your walls, floors, ceilings and furnishings. In addition, we ensure the air is cleansed so that airborne spores do not cause allergic reactions or respiratory problems. The next step is to remove the source of the moisture. This can be tricky in certain circumstances where the moisture is caused by steam, for example from kitchen appliances or the bathroom shower.

Mould Remediation in WrexhamAs each member of our team is qualified and experienced, our mould remediation in Wrexham is a complete package. We can remove unwanted moisture from your building by installing ventilation systems of all kinds. If the damp has begun to damage your structure or furnishings, our renovation specialists can repair or replace the affected areas. Contact S.A. Platt for comprehensive mould remediation today and never again have to worry about mould in your building. For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 717617
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