When Looking for Building Companies in Ormskirk, Use Only the Best


When Looking for Building Companies in Ormskirk, Use Only the Best

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Looking for Building Companies in OrmskirkCustomers looking for building companies in Ormskirk often inquire if we do porches or roofs and maybe extensions. It’s reasonable to ask because not all building companies offer the broad range of services that we do at S.A. Platt. Some companies can build a spectacular deck. That’s all they do. We can build the spectacular deck, wire it for electricity, stain or paint it any colour you want. Then we can enclose it and make it an extension of your house complete with drywall, plumbing and interior decorating. If a flood or fire damages it, we will make the repairs and work with your insurance company regarding costs. If it’s time for a bath or kitchen upgrade, our craftsmen will manage the project from design to completion including gas safe installations, fixtures, decorating and tile work.

Our elderly customers know who to call when they need adaptations to their home. In Ormskirk, looking for building companies who not only do it all, but do it with in-house craftsmen is rare. Many are one-man companies and they bid on your job and outsource all the work to individual tradesmen. What we’ve learned is that it costs more money and takes more time to complete a job doing it piecemeal like that. If you punch a hole in your wall and need the wall patched to a smooth finish we can do that. We have drywall specialists on staff and we’ll send one out to you. A general contractor who outsources all the work can’t do that. It would cost more than you would be willing to pay for the small job. We are family owned and fully staffed with professionals so we can take the small jobs and the large ones.

Looking for Building Companies in OrmskirkWhen you’re looking for building companies in Ormskirk to build a new house for you, we are your company. There are so many decisions to make about every aspect of your new build. It’s easier on the customer when there is one point of contact through which all questions and decisions are managed. Since none of the work will be outsourced, new builds are usually completed much more efficiently. We don’t have to wait for an outsourced plumber to finish the job he’s on to come do your work. Such delays cost time and money. Contact S.A. Platt for all your building needs. Our team of tradesmen and tradeswomen work together like a well-oiled machine to get the job done to your satisfaction on time and at budget. For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 717617
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