Looking For Cellar Conversions Specialists in Wilmslow?


Looking For Cellar Conversions Specialists in Wilmslow?

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Cellar Conversions Specialists in WilmslowAre you looking for cellar conversions specialists in Wilmslow? You are probably thinking that it’s high time to turn that cold and damp cellar into a more useful space such as a study room or even maybe a cosy living room for the family to spend some quality time in. Many of the clients often ask about the procedures to take in order to start a cellar conversion. First of all, you need to check whether your cellar is suitable to turn into a room. For that you will need an experienced surveyor and you will most definitely get one from S.A. Platt, a highly reliable company in the building industry.

In Wilmslow, once the cellar conversions specialists have been met with you, you will know whether you need to waterproof that basement or the cellar.  S.A. Platt is a company that will do the complete works, so you would not have to find a second contractor to do the waterproofing or tanking. They will do the conversions, do any repairs necessary, and do the wall painting and any other required tasks. Another question that clients often ask when they decide to convert their basements or cellars is whether they require planning permission and the answer to that would be no, unless you are doing major works that require digging. The conversion specialist should be able to elaborate more on this.

It’s always exciting when you find cellar conversions specialists in Wilmslow to undertake these works for you. While you are still in the design phase, make sure to ask your designer regarding natural lighting and ventilation. Natural lighting will reduce your bills not to mention that the sunlight will also make the room less damp and musty and good ventilation will reduce the development of moulds and mildew. To find more about cellar conversion specialists, contact S.A. Platt today.

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