Garage Conversions in Standish


Garage Conversions in Standish

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Garage Conversions in StandishGarage conversions in Standish are a fantastic way to maximise space and efficiency in your home. Are you planning a home renovation and want to convert your garage? There are plenty of reasons to want to change an old garage. It may be too small to accommodate a second car, or too narrow to comfortably open the car doors inside. Perhaps you don’t use your garage for parking and enjoy using the space for DIY and home crafting projects. With these kinds of activities, you can never have too much space. You may want to install a proper workbench, a better electrical supply and wall socket, and some shelving and storage for your tools and materials. Or perhaps your home is getting a bit cramped and you want to convert the garage into a guest bedroom or even a small flat for when your son is home from university.

Whatever your plans for your garage in Standish, garage conversions by S.A. Platt are your best choice. We have a host of specialised departments that handle everything from building and renovations to plumbing, electrics and heating. If you simply want to expand or downsize your current garage, our builders will do a sterling job. If you want to convert the garage into a workstation, our electricians will also jump on board. For a conversion into a guest room or a small flat, the plumbers will ensure there is a water supply and we will create a perfect living space. We even have a professional team of interior decorators who will do the final touches of painting and design to a stunning effect. What other company offers every aspect of a home renovation job all under one roof? By doing so, we can cut your expenses down dramatically, leaving you more savings to spend enjoy your newly converted garage.

Garage Conversions in Standishunder LymeWe are number one for garage conversions in Standish and the greater Cheshire and Staffordshire areas. Contact S.A. Platt to discuss your plans for garage conversions today. Our friendly and professional team be only too happy to help you realise your dream plans for your garage. For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 717617
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