Flood Damage in Wigan


Flood Damage in Wigan

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Flood Damage in WiganWould you like to know more about dealing with flood damage in Wigan as you have been affected by the extreme weather events over Christmas last year? Rivers across Greater Manchester and surrounding areas breached their banks and the torrential rains added to the flooding of roads, urban, rural, residential and commercial areas. Markets, food-storage and retail facilities lose much of their stock. Apart from damage to structures, power lines, water supply and sewage systems, flood-affected areas are also inundated with thick layers of mud and silt, making it difficult for people and vehicles to move about. Sand, debris and waste materials are carried along with the flood waters, posing a health and hygiene hazard.

In Wigan, flood damage can cause huge financial losses in terms of loss of life and property. They are caused primarily by rising levels of seas, lakes, rivers and ground water, burst pipes and drains, hill side run-off from torrential rains and also haphazard urban development and blocking of natural drainage channels and pathways of water. For home owners, floods can have a devastating impact on the building structure, interiors, furniture and furnishings, floors, electrical and plumbing systems and personal property. Dangerous contamination of drinking water can take place when sewage and drainage water pipes burst. When the floods recede, people are left with the harmful and messy aftermath which could take months to clear. It’s best to leave the cleaning job to professionals as they have the equipment and the expertise to deal with a large-scale project. Select a specialist firm like SA Platt who have experience and expertise in dealing with insurance work. They have well-qualified, licensed and trained personnel who can conduct surveys, provide assessment reports, prepare the estimates and manage the claim based on your circumstances and requirements.

A certain amount of flood damage in Wigan can be prevented if the right precautions are taken like getting updated on flood-warnings through social media, approaching the local council for support etc. In many areas, sandbags may be provided and evacuation facilities are made available to residents and occupants of commercial buildings. If you need assistance with dealing with flood damage, contact SA Platt.


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