Considering Dry Rot Treatment in Crewe?


Considering Dry Rot Treatment in Crewe?

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Dry Rot Treatment in CreweAre you looking for a company that specialises in dry rot treatment in Crewe? You may have some concerns that your property is at risk from a form of rot. There are two main types of rot that occur in wooden structures. It is important to ascertain exactly which type of rot is present in your home before you begin taking steps to remove it. The two types of rot commonly found in property are wet rot and dry rot. If you believe that your home may be at risk from either form of rot then the first thing to do is contact a specialist company in your local area. They will be able to send a team to your property in order to assess your home and identify the type of rot. Dry rot has a specific type of fungus present that thrives in certain conditions. With this in mind, the treatment for dry rot is very different than the treatment for wet rot.

In Crewe, dry rot treatment is completed by trained experts who understand the problems associated with the removal of rot. In order for rot, and its associated fungus, to increase and spread it needs two elements. The fungus requires food, in this case wood, and water. One of the main techniques that specialists use to remove dry rot involves the removal of one of these elements. Obviously, wood will always be prevalent in household structures. This leaves the removal of water as the only viable solution. Dry rot specialists will take steps to ensure that the property is free from unwanted damp and moisture. This will involve various techniques.

In addition to dry rot treatment in Crewe, specialist companies will also provide advice and guidance relating to dry rot prevention. Ensuring that the roof and exterior walls are suitably protected against damp, utilising dehumidifiers and ensuring that your home does not retain as much moisture are three common prevention techniques. If you notice any damp patches in your property then you should call a specialist immediately. To learn more about dry rot treatment, contact S. A. Platt.

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