Roof Survey in Macclesfield


Roof Survey in Macclesfield

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roof survey in MacclesfieldFor a roof survey in Macclesfield you can contact the roofing department of S.A. Platt Builders. Homeowners who have recently experienced severe weather with high winds in their area would benefit from this important service. If you go year after year, through all kinds of weather and never have your roof inspected, do not be surprised when it leaks causing costly damage. It would be less expensive to have a yearly maintenance inspection done so minor damage can be quickly repaired before it becomes a major repair or replacement. This simple bit of maintenance can add years to the life of your roof. S.A. Platt Builders has twenty years’ experience in the roofing business. Their survey department has the latest technology for detecting defects and damage to your roof.

In Macclesfield, roof survey for buildings owned by Government and Commercial businesses are as important as for private homes. Insurance companies like to see results from S.A. Platt roof surveys for their insured properties. It may help lower your insurance costs if you can produce a record of roof survey and maintenance. If the day comes when the wind really blows the roof off the building, getting insurance to pay for a new one may be easier when you have been vigilant about maintenance. A roof survey is a small price to pay each year that can actually add to your bottom line. At some point, you likely will have to install a new roof. Scheduling that new roof is less costly to businesses than having an emergency replacement that shuts down trade unexpectedly.

A roof survey in Macclesfield is only as good as the company surveying it. S.A. Platt has an excellent reputation. Their roof inspectors and installers are fully qualified and S.A. Platt directly employs them. S.A. Platt does not outsource their work to other contractors. It is all done in house. They work closely with the local housing associations to keep their roofs maintained. They are approved contractors for government agencies and insurance companies. The result is a broad customer base from domestic to commercial to government. That is an enviable position indeed. For more information regarding a roof survey, contact S. A. Platt.

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