House Extensions in Cheshire


House Extensions in Cheshire

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House Extensions in CheshireAfter researching your options, your family has decided to investigate house extensions in Cheshire. As the kids get older they seem to need more space and as parents you start to crave a little privacy. Your first thought may have been to sell your house and buy a bigger one. That probably seemed like an exciting option for a while. Then you saw the prices for larger homes that you didn’t like as well as your own. The realities of moving house loom large. Maybe the kids would have to change schools and your commute would be longer. If you’ve been in your home for ten years, the volume of accumulated stuff to move is exhausting to think about. Often, a look at available homes and prices will make your own home look good to you. You just need more living space. At S.A. Platt Quality Builders we can help with that dilemma.

One solution we might pose is a master suite/sitting room extension to your home. Use your current bedroom for the kids to have more space to spread out. In Cheshire, house extensions means you and your spouse will finally have your own private bath and larger bedroom. We can make room for comfy chairs for reading or watching TV in peace. You could even have a conversation that doesn’t involve the kids. It’s your own private retreat that you will enjoy all the years you live in your home. The house extension is a smart investment in your home with a good chance of getting the money you put into it back out when you’re ready to sell.

House Extensions in CheshireNo room to build out? No worries because at S. A. Platt our skilled craftsmen can utilise currently unused and wasted space in your basement and attic. We don’t subcontract any of the work. All trades are represented with the best in the business at S.A. Platt. We’ll have a job manager overseeing all aspects of your living space extension so work is scheduled and carried out efficiently according to plan. Contact S.A. Platt for an estimate to add an extension to your home. We’ve built an excellent reputation over the last 20 years for quality workmanship and friendly customer service. For further details please contact S.A. Platt Builders Ltd on: Tel: 01782 717617
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